Uplifting News About The Ford $1.1B Quarterly Profit

The Ford quarterly profit totals surprised a number of market investors. Ford reported profits in Q2 that surpassed $1.1 billion in sum. That was much better than the first quarter of the year for Ford. Ford only made $100 million in profits during that quarter. Investors are glad for the news, but questions persist about … Read moreUplifting News About The Ford $1.1B Quarterly Profit

Options for In-Car Breathalyzers

In-Car Breathalyzers are becoming more commonplace as of lately. The standard model is known as the Ignition Interlock device. That is because it is installed around the car ignition for regular usage. People with a DUI may have the Ignition Interlock device installed for various reasons. It could be mandated by the court system because … Read moreOptions for In-Car Breathalyzers

What You Need to Know About Charging Your Electric Car

Electric vehicles (EV) are one of the biggest inventions of our century. These vehicles are silent, pollution-free and are expected to make internal combustion engine vehicles obsolete by 2025. The main feature that makes electric cars incredibly attractive and innovative is their induction motor, a system powered by a lithium-ion battery. Then, charging is an … Read moreWhat You Need to Know About Charging Your Electric Car